Story number 3 for 23 Feb 2001

By February 23, 2001

(India)–International attention is now waning in the days following India’s Gujarat earthquake. The devastation left many without food, water, medicine and shelter. The tragedy killed hundreds of thousands and left many more wondering if the Christian God was punishing them. World Vision’s Rich Sterns says now is not the time for interest to disappear, and that’s why Christians are involved. “The primary interventions in the first few weeks are feeding people, World Vision is doing that, providing potable water to drink so that they don’t contract diseases, building temporary shelters for the people is critical in the early days. The real work is the rebuilding over the next two to five years.” Sterns adds that because Christians are the last people the Hindu expect to see, their work opens the door for evangelism. “The Hindu religion does not have a very strong ethic about helping the poor and the disadvantaged. It’s just part of their religion. They talk about bad karma and good karma, so there’s actually a bias within the Hindu religion for working with the poor and helping the poor. I think this is a wonderful opportunity when they see Christians coming in.”

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