Story number 3 for 23 Mar 2000

By March 23, 2000

The ministry of the World Bible Translation Center came through the recent havoc in Indonesia relatively unscathed. WBTC’s Craig Smith says they are thankful for God’s protection for their current project. “While we’re very concerned about the strife in various parts of Indonesia, our main ministry right now is focused on getting a complete Bible translated into the modern Indonesian language that the people speak today. We’re talking about a country here that’s a chain of some 17-thousand islands, inhabited by two-hundred million people.” Smith asks that believers pray “…for receptive hearts among the Indonesian people. It’s a country that’s heavily Muslim-dominated, and at the same time, there are many searching people. We feel like we have a great window of opportunity right now to share the good news of Jesus.” WBTC currently has seven translations of the New Testament and one full Russian Bible text available on-line, with more to come.

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