Story number 3 for 23 Oct 2002

By October 23, 2002

(Russia)-Preparations are underway for a massive yearlong celebration in Russia. Walk Through the Bible’s Terry Sparks says they are going to meet the Northern capital’s 300th jubilee in all its splendor. “St. Petersburg is having their 300th anniversary celebration as a city next year. Josh McDowell’s organization is trying to put together on coalition of Christians organizations to provide Christian emphasis and teaching during the whole year.” Sparks says they have been laying the groundwork throughout Russia and the CIS in anticipation of what will happen in the near future. “We’re excited to have trained some people to help with the follow up and the discipleship process of people who may become new Christians during this time.” Please pray that the seeds of the Gospel will bear fruit, and that the churches will be ready to respond.

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