Story number 3 for 24 Apr 2000

By April 24, 2000

Today’s African refugees are fleeing from civil, often ethnic war, or human rights abuses. There has been an upsurge in the number of refugees out of countries like Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Many find their way into Liberia, and the situation is becoming desperate. Liberia’s Deputy of Social Services, Arthur Saye. “With the influx of refugees from Sierra Leone, you can imagine that Liberia, just coming from war, has to provide shelters with the support of our agencies for these who are coming in, seeking refuge in the country. So, it has been very strenuous on the country.” Feeding Starving Children International’s Richard Sandbatch says they’re reaching out with the love of Christ and working with the West African Children Support Network to meet basic needs in Liberia. “We have sent five containers. We’ve shipped them by faith-we’ve stretched our dollar to help cover the cost of these containers and various humanitarian goods inside. So, we’re believing God to help with financial needs.”

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