Story number 3 for 24 Jan 2002

By January 24, 2002

(Ghana)–Funding is needed to help two programs that are leading the needy to Christ in Ghana, West Africa. African Enterprise is sponsoring two training programs. A-E’s Michael Cassidy says outreach to 200 street children is just one focus. “The girls are being trained in dressmaking and hair dressing and that sort of thing. That’s a three-year training. The boys we teach electrics, repairing of air conditioning systems, carpentry and so forth to bring them to Christ, disciple them and then to give them a qualification.” Former prostitutes are also coming to Christ as they learn a skilled trade. Cassidy says there’s a reason these programs are important. “We say that our aim is to evangelize the cities of Africa through word and deed, in partnership with the church, so there is a deeds side. We believe God is leading us now to be proactive about a much stronger teaching, discipling and kingdom ministry.” Cassidy says 210-dollars can support one person in each program.

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