Story number 3 for 24 Jul 2000

By July 24, 2000

Less than a quarter century ago, SIM began new church planting projects in unreached areas in Ghana, West Africa. Despite civil unrest and economic troubles, they’ve seen a reassuring strength in the young churches. SIM’s Dave Pitman. “We work with about five or six tribal groups in the north. The Bible Church of Africa has 100 congregations. They are churches that have their own leadership; they have the training. If we were to pull out, the church would survive.” Pitman says their work was not without challenges, but God has changed the spiritual landscape. “Islam is the dominant religious force in two of the tribes, but in the others, traditional African religion is the dominant force there. The church has grown more quickly in the traditional African religion areas. Today, our church alone, has 30 congregations where there were none, and there’s an openness among the Muslim people to the Gospel.”

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