Story number 3 for 24 Nov 2000

By November 24, 2000

A Mission Aviation Fellowship couple is preparing to head into a closed Islamic country in January. For security reasons, we won’t name the area. However, a missionary says they aren’t concerned that they’ll be faced with extreme danger in this Muslim country. He explains they’ll have a kind of tentmaking focus. “Where we’re going, we’re using our technology, actually, for the way to get into the country. We won’t be doing a lot of support for missionaries. As far as the government is concerned, there are no missionaries in the country. We’ll be using it to support some humanitarian work with the ministry of health.” He adds that prayer for this new assignment is necessary. “We really need wisdom. We’ve never worked in a country where we weren’t wanted, where we weren’t supposed to be there, actually, as missionaries. So, we don’t have any experience in that.” The missionary says to their knowledge, there are only 40 Christians in the entire country, and they are deep underground. They are looking forward to field re-entry in January. While in the States, the they’re staying at D&D Missionary Homes in Florida.

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