Story number 3 for 24 Oct 2000

By October 24, 2000

A Christian outreach group is looking to update its evangelistic approach. The Jesus Film Project’s Clyde Taber. “We are looking at emerging generations that have a deep spirituality and a passion for God. What’s happening here within the Jesus [Film] Project office is the leadership has begun to really sense a need to focus on the majority of the population, those who are under the age of 25.” Taber says in media-sophisticated markets, they know the film has a limited impact, and they are working to redirect the focus. However, the more important angle is: “Not just giving the film, but providing translations, to the Body…resourcing it. We are poised at a very exciting time in history. I think with the changes in technology, we’re looking at something not unlike the printing of the Gutenberg Bible and all that that did to facilitate the expansion of God’s kingdom.”

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