Story number 3 for 24 Oct 2002

By October 24, 2002

(Africa)–Growing up on the mission field is the reason an American Ophthalmologist is heading to Africa to help give sight to the blind. Doctor Devin Harrison with Christian Blind Mission International says the need is great. “In Africa, there’s probably one Ophthalmologist per one million population. And, where I am in Seattle it’s probably on Ophthalmologist per 15,000 or so. So, there’s so many patients who don’t have access to care at all, especially in Africa, probably more so that any other part of the world.” According to Harrison, helping these people see physically can be a great tool for evangelism. “I can provide good quality care to people, especially in areas, for example – Muslim areas that are not normally open to the Gospel. When you treat their physical needs patients may be more accepting to learn more about Christianity.”

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