Story number 3 for 25 Feb 2000

By February 25, 2000

Christian publishers are excited about the first World Christian Book Fair hosted by Christian Book Sellers Association of India. The event was held recently in Bombay. International Bible Society’s Steve Johnson says they participated in the event, which was risky. “It’s becoming more and more hostile toward Christianity. And, so this book fair was of particular significance because it enabled the exhibitors to showcase their materials in an environment that in many ways is becoming more hostile toward Christianity. So, they are real opportunity to help equip believers in India for more effective discipleship and evangelism.” Johnson says 50-thousand people visited the book fair. He says literature is a key tool in evangelism in India. “I think it’s absolutely true that the more resources that are made available and the more publicity these resources receive in India the more believers in India will be involved in greater evangelism and outreach. The Indian culture cherishes literature.”

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