Story number 3 for 25 Jan 2000

By January 25, 2000

Audio Scriptures International is embarking on a new ministry to Albania. The man responsible arrives this week to begin the work. The project
is the first of its kind in the history of Christian literature in the country. He explains the
need they re trying to meet. The situation in Albania is [80-percent] of the population
are not adequately educated, so the written version of the Scripture is great, but we re
targeting those people that live in rural areas that don t know how to read and write.
Dervishi says, as with any fledgling ministry, there are many needs. He adds that they re
currently looking for ways to duplicate the twelve cassette albums for use in Albania.
If we have the albums, then maybe in the end of February or March, we d like to send
the teams there. If there is anybody that wants to contribute to be part of this
tremendous blessing in the history of my country, contact Audio Scripture

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