Story number 3 for 25 Jun 2003

By June 25, 2003

(Brazil)–Walk Thru the Bible is celebrating another milestone. Their World Teach program is now being offered in 80 countries. Walk Thru the Bible’s Larry Galindo was at the most recent launch, which was held in Brazil. “We trained 106 persons, including 17 pastors. Our objective is to train and equip one teacher for every 50,000 people on earth. So, when you talk in terms of Brazil, it’s the fifth largest country on earth. We need financial resources.” Galindo says this isn’t simply a ministry building program, but a kingdom building ministry. “We just don’t give seminars for the sake of giving seminars, or entertainment. Our bottom line is that our courses have impacted them in such a way that they have made a decision to alter their spiritual behavior, or made a decision to come to Christ.”

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