Story number 3 for 25 Sep 2000

By September 25, 2000

A health program is assisting an evangelical mission agency in sharing Christ in counties closed to the Gospel. Medical Ambassadors International’s Terry Dalrimple says Community Health Evangelism, or CHE (chay), is a program they’re using in 42 countries. “It’s a strategy for bringing God’s love and truth to poor and unreached people around the world. It’s a health education program that teaches people how they can be healthy physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. It’s also an evangelistic program that ministers to the needs of people by introducing them to Jesus Christ.” Dalrimple says their program is receiving favorable response. “Through CHE we’ve been able to work in areas that are otherwise closed to Christian witness, where missionaries can’t otherwise go. Community health is a concern to most governments in the developing world.” Dalrimple says since 1989, 170-thousand people have come to Christ through the program.

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