Story number 3 for 25 Sep 2002

By September 25, 2002

(Middle East)–The war on terrorism is opening doors for evangelism in the Muslim world. So says, Tom Doyle of E3 Partners. “We know that Muslims really started to think about their religion. Do we take this literally? Is this what we really want to be a part of? So, there has been a great outpouring in Jordan, and in places like the Gaza Strip, (and) the United Arab Emirates of Muslims looking at Christianity for the first time in their life.” Evangecubes are cubes that turn into seven pictures that help people share the Gospel. Doyle says they’re smuggling them into the Middle East, where God protected them recently. “We had about 550 Evangecubes. What they look for is the cross. So, we prayed that we wouldn’t be seen with the Cubes, but of course they found them. And, do you know, no matter how they opened those cubes, they missed the cross every time.” Funding is needed to help get more cubes into the Muslim world.

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