Story number 3 for 26 Dec 2000

By December 26, 2000

Plans are moving ahead for the development of a special AIDS orphans village in South Africa. Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Dave Seefried says they’ve purchased one plot of land and have paid all but 25-thousand dollars on a second parcel. In the meantime, ministry outreach has already begun. “On the first piece of property that we’ve purchased, we have five houses. On December 9th, we officially opened the Bethesda Baby Rescue Ministry. We have six babies. In the second house, adjacent to the first main house, we’re going to put our first toddlers ministry.” Seefried says they are working to bring the hope of Christ to the children. But, he says, they are proceeding carefully. “What we would like to do is to see the remaining 25-thousand dollars paid off, clearing us on the property and then we would begin building our first phase of the children’s village, which is going to cost about 250-thousand dollars.”

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