Story number 3 for 26 Feb 2001

By February 26, 2001

(International)–Ministry leaders with Book of Hope are planning for incredible growth this year. Book of Hope’s Bob Hoskins says they have plans to branch out into countries like Myanmar and Madagascar. Hoskins says some of these areas aren’t open to the Gospel, but the Book of Hope could turn the tide. “Their youth are being devastated by alcohol, drugs, pornography, and suicide. And, they’re reaching out for answers. And, when we present the Book of Hope to them, we don’t present it as the Bible. We present it as the moral teachings of Jesus Christ.” And, young people are coming to Christ and changing. Hoskins says the success is allowing them to evangelize covertly. “We don’t sneak in any country. But, they may not understand how powerful the word of God is. And, so in that sense, yes, it is covert because they don’t understand the power that’s being released there.”

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