Story number 3 for 26 Jan 2000

By January 26, 2000

A recent upsurge in fighting in Colombia has left much of the country
demanding peace. This, in response to some of the worst clashes in months between
leftist rebels and security forces near Bogota over the weekend. ABWE’s Bob Trout
says, while their church planting work has not really been affected by the violence, the
body of Christ in Bogota is seeing more response to their efforts. “I think the people
are just looking for peace. We’ve noted in the last period of years, a growing concern
on the part of our national brethren for the peace of the country-on the part of our
brethren getting tired of the pressure under which they live. It’s a difficult situation to
live under. They still are desirous of serving the Lord. Of course, the peace that will
come will come through knowing the Prince of Peace, our Savior.” Trout and his family
are staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida while they are in the United

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