Story number 3 for 26 Mar 2003

By March 26, 2003

(International)–Radio is the tool being used to open avenues to the Gospel in countries not accessible through traditional missionary activity. HCJB World Radio’s Marshall Smith. “Radio is very strong in pre-evangelism. Preparing people to be open to a message. And, also for growth and development, whether it’s music, whether it’s teaching, training, radio is very good in that spectrum. Oh, we hear stories of people in their knees at a radio accepting Christ as their personal Savior. That’s not its strength, but that’s okay, certainly.” Smith says it’s difficult raising money for these types of outreaches because success isn’t always measurable. “Is it okay if somebody goes and doesn’t have the numbers we’re used to seeing – people in the tank, or sprinkled or conversions. Is it okay if there’s less of that, but there’s a measurable increase in the flow of the Gospel in that place, in that people group, in that nation? I think it is.”

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