Story number 3 for 26 May 2003

By May 26, 2003

(International)–The world’s first missionary broadcaster, HCJB World Radio, has been touching lives with the Gospel since 1931. Together with its local partners, they’ve expanded into more than 100 countries and dialects. HCJB World Radio’s International Ministry Director, Tom Narwold says that sets the stage for the next phase. “We broadcast to Asia, Europe, Latin America, and South Pacific. And now, we’re really changing our philosophy. Actually, over the last several years, we’ve gone to what we call ‘regionalization’ and that means putting people in offices in other parts of the world, and not trying to do everything from Latin America.” Narwold explains that their function changes as the Latin American church grows. He says their job is shifting to ‘help mode’. “We do that in three areas: mass media, healthcare and education. Our role in Latin America and throughout the world is changing from more of an ‘owner/operator’ to a helping and facilitating.”

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