Story number 3 for 27 Mar 2001

By March 27, 2001

(North Africa)–Christian satellite radio is penetrating North Africa and the Middle East thanks to a partnership between HCJB World Radio and Arab World Ministries. Test transmissions for the first Christian Arabic satellite radio service began last week. HCJB World Radio’s President-Elect Dave Johnson. “The unique thing about this new venture that’s been launched–this is a 24-hour a day broadcast. The other unique thing is that most of the programming that is going on there is programming that is being produced within North Africa.” Johnson says, because missionaries are few in the Muslim world, Christian radio is important. “Radio is a perfect tool to be able to do that and reach out beyond political boarders, beyond physical borders, even beyond some of the constraints that maybe family beliefs and traditions would put on a person.” Funding is needed to help keep this programming on the air.

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