Story number 3 for 27 Sep 2000

By September 27, 2000

A unique program is allowing children in third world country go to school, and point them to Christ. World Wide Christian Schools Steve Guerink says they’ve started what their calling the Covenant House project. “The Covenant House is a joint effort between a local community and World Wide Christian Schools where we’re building a house, we’re selling it, we’re then using the proceeds to build school or support schools in third world countries where the needs are great, such as in the Dominican Republic.” Guerink says this money isn’t just being used to educate these children, it’s being used to bring them to Christ. “That’s the backbone of the system is that there is a public school system available in some of these cities. But in many of these areas not only are we giving them an education, but the plus is, is that we’re giving them the knowledge of Jesus Christ through their teachers and through the curriculum they develop.” World-Wide is praying for financial support to see this program grow.

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