Story number 3 for 27 Sep 2002

By September 27, 2002

(Romania)-Ministry to abused women in Romania is needed, but the resources and people to help reach them are scarce. International Needs Network understands that need and has started a program called “ARK”. INN’s Daniela Pribac runs the program. “One (in) four women are abused in Romania. A big part of them are afraid to come, you know, because it’s the culture. It’s different. They are afraid (of) their husbands. But, now we make the first steps in this direction.” To date, Pribac says the program has touched 200 women and 20 of them have come to Christ. She says the ministry needs to expand, but funding is needed. “We need 8,000 (dollars) a year to make a center in (the) south and a center in north of (the) country – to rent the building, equipment, for materials, tapes, to take care of everything.”

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