Story number 3 for 28 Aug 2000

By August 28, 2000

Mission Network News anchor Peter Brooks leaves for Jamaica tomorrow to join Food for the Poor on a special mission. He explains his involvement with an unusual project. “Jamaica is a country of contrast-vivid in some places, stark in others. While there are several beautiful resorts in the area, poverty is a way of life for the vast majority of the island’s residents. The nation’s most glaring need today is adequate housing for the underprivileged. While many of Jamaica’s poor are “squatters”, others are completely homeless and sleep wherever they find space. In response, Food for the Poor launched the “2000 in 2000″ campaign–a project aimed at building two-thousand homes in Jamaica in the year 2000. The idea caught the attention of the National Religious Broadcasters in the United States who made it an industry-wide project. Broadcasters are now involved in helping FFP raise money and manpower for the venture. I’m headed down this week to do both and also find out what other needs can be brought to light. I’m Peter Brooks, Mission Network News.”

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