Story number 3 for 28 Aug 2001

By August 28, 2001

(Ireland)–Bomb alerts at the end of last week have put pressure on the Ulster ceasefires in Ireland. Rebel extremists on both sides have been mounting guerilla-like attacks in recent days, creating tension in a nervous population. However, Christian Aid Mission’s Mike Clinton says their work continues. “We worked with a ministry called ‘New Life Ministries’. It’s a ministry that Christian Aid helps work with in Northern Ireland. They’re located on the Shankhill Road, which is the heart of the Protestant Loyalists. It’s just a couple blocks away from where the heart of the IRA is. One of the things that really stood out to me was that Belfast is a small city and areas of tension are rather small areas.” Clinton says, despite religious overtones, the fighting is really a land war. Because of this, the need for the Gospel is great, and hearts are responding. “Most of them don’t even really understand what it really means to be a born-again Christian. While we were there, we saw 30 people come to Christ through a children’s program we did and some ministry we did alongside of ‘New Life Ministries’.”

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