Story number 3 for 28 May 2002

By May 28, 2002

(Romania)–As a poor economy continues to grip Romania, that challenge is actually helping ministry there. Vacile Paul is pastor of the 2nd Baptist Church, northwest of Bucharest and operates five Awana Clubs in the region. Paul says as young people attend they receive credits and use those credits to buy things like notebooks, pens, socks and other items. He says it’s a big draw. “We are trying to use all kinds of methods to attract them. We need to touch their hearts with the word of God. It’s like James says if he has no anything to put on, how (can that help)? So, we are trying to touch their physical needs too, and to help them to see Jesus Christ is not just a philosophy it’s a style of life.” Paul is asking Christians to adopt a club overseas. It cost just 15-dollars a month, which could see dozens of young people come to Christ.

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