Story number 3 for 29 Apr 2003

By April 29, 2003

(USA)–A large majority of Americans are generally comfortable with their quality of life at the moment, according to a new survey released by the Barna Research Group. That can lead to increased challenge for evangelistic groups due to complacency. American Missionary Fellowship’s Lee Iseley urges believers to stay alert to the needs in their area. “We have to go into the impoverished areas of our nation, spiritually, and raise the flag of faith and establish ‘beachheads’ for Bible studies.” Iseley says they’re encouraging the average American church to take ownership of evangelizing their community, adding they’re standing alongside to equip and support. “That’s what’s driving us as an organization is that we are moving into a new enterprise called learning communities where we want to go into poor and downtrodden areas of our nation and establish Bible studies with people and raise that flag of faith in our communities.”

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