Story number 3 for 29 Mar 2000

By March 29, 2000

Since the Pope’s visit, many evangelistic groups were hoping to see a change for the better in Cuba. Among them was the Christian Reformed World Mission. One missionary, whom we’ll call ‘Dorothy’ says the Gospel is still going forward, although they still struggle with poverty and the Communist government. “As far as open worship, that we are allowed. There are some problems getting buildings registered and so on…we’ve been evicted a couple times from certain places, but the worship services themselves may be held within our designated building.” “Dorothy” says despite the church’s needs, believers are on a mission. “It’s the people-you look at their faces; it’s just a complete blank hopelessness, but they see that our church people have something and they start asking ‘What is it?’ and they come to church to try to find out. We’re just praying for a lot more openings and for the government to loosen up on some of the restrictions that are placed on the churches.”

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