Story number 3 for 29 May 2001

By May 29, 2001

(International)–It’s not exactly an Australian walkabout, but participants are no less likely to come face to face with themselves. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is nearing the first Global Urban Trek of the season. The purpose is to call 80 students to consider ministry to the poorest of the poor in the seven Trek cities. ICF’s Scott Bessenecker. “The cities we’re sending students to are: Mexico City, Manila, Calcutta, Cairo, Nairobi and Bangkok. I definitely want Holy Ghost rockets for students-I mean, people who are not afraid to share their faith.” Bessenecker says students will need prayer during the trip, slated June 20th through July 25th. “I want students to have the ability to hold on to their career, love for the poor, as well as a love for the souls of people. As evangelicals, I think that we’re doing a better and better job of trying to hold those things in tension.”

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