Story number 3 for 29 Oct 2001

By October 29, 2001

(Honduras)–In the years following the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, Honduras continues its struggle to rebuild. However, much of the restored infrastructure is now inaccessible to the majority of the population. International Aid’s Christian Eye Ministry Manager, Faye Kragt (kraht) says they’re addressing one specific area. “Eye care in Honduras is practically non-existent for the poor people. 80-percent of people in Honduras live under the poverty levels. So, what we’re attempting to do is to offer eye care to the poor, which is something that they don’t have access to, at this point.” The eye clinic, dedicated October 2nd, also provides an opportunity for the hope of salvation. “We have partnered with a large evangelical church in Tegucigalpa. Their responsibility is to use the eye care, as provided through this clinic, as a platform for telling others about the love of Jesus.”

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