Story number 3 for 3 Apr 2002

By April 3, 2002

(China)–Despite widespread reports of China’s oppression of the evangelistic community, one ministry says they are seeing some exciting developments in Jiangxi Province. China Partner Ministries’ Erik Burklin. “We always hear about churches having been demolished, or closed down, persecution, and so on. In some of these areas, I’m sure that is happening because we hear these reports. But at the same time, there are churches being built, in this case, a new Bible school is being built, all under the permission of the government.” Burklin says although they have made good headway in developing the Bible Institute, trouble could pop up at any turn.” China is still Communist in its ideology and leadership, so, to get permission to build a new Bible School can take longer than normal. But, they have received permission; in fact, they’ve already purchased the land. Now, they’re just in the process of finding the right construction company.” China Partner hopes for a groundbreaking next month.

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