Story number 3 for 3 Aug 2000

By August 3, 2000

Evangelism in the 21st Century will require partnerships, according to Pastor Dela Adadevoh of Campus Crusade for Christ. Greg Yoder reports from Amsterdam. “Adadevoh spoke to the nearly 10-thousand evangelists at the Amsterdam 2000 event, encouraging delegates and mission agencies to partner together. He says God didn’t call one denomination or mission group to reach the world for Christ. “It is time for us to join our hands together, our hearts together, our resources together to bring the good news of Christ to all people. What we need for all of God’s people to use all of God’s resources to reach all of God’s world.” Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance provides training and resources to evangelists worldwide. He says Amsterdam 2000 is key in the partnership message. “Perhaps one of the ongoing effects of this conference will not be merely what is heard or the training that is received, but the sovereign networking that goes on in between sessions. That is going to have great and long term effect in nation after nation for the cause of Christ.” Greg Yoder for the Amsterdam 2000 Radio Network.”

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