Story number 3 for 3 Jan 2000

By January 3, 2000

The latest fighting in Indonesia comes at the end of a year of continuous
violence that plagues an area once known as a haven of religious harmony.
Voice of the Martyr’s Todd Nettleton says: “The Muslims are not going to give up
until they hold a majority on some of these islands, and the frightening thing is that the
government has not really taken any steps to stop this. It makes it much more
dangerous to be a Christian and much more of a challenge for Christian groups to
operate in an environment that is obviously a tinderbox.” Nettleton adds that the future
of evangelism is somewhat uncertain, but: “We can pray for these brothers and sisters
that the gold that is in their lives will show through and will win others to Christ. And
then, pray for safety for our couriers, and pray for wisdom that we’ll know how best to

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