Story number 3 for 3 Mar 2000

By March 3, 2000

Satellite technology will be the tool used to get Christian radio programming into Muslim North Africa. Media Director for Arab World Ministries Jim Giesler says while they’ve used Christian radio for 30 years to share the Gospel, satellite delivery is a first for them. “We’re working on setting up a team in Gibraltar in partnership with HCJB and the team’s goal is to start off with about six hours a day and maybe in a year or two get a big enough staff to do a whole 24 hour live program.” Giesler says the radio programming will be beamed to satellite television receivers. He says up to 300-million people will be able to hear the Gospel. “They have been very little missionary efforts. The governments don’t allow missionaries to preach openly, so it’s an area that really is unreached. We hope that this will allow us to get a very strong witness so people can really understand Christianity.” 250-thousand dollars is needed before they can go on the air in September.

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