Story number 3 for 3 Nov 1999

By November 3, 1999

Teaching parenting skills is a tool being used to share the Gospel with parents in the United States. Dick Russell works with Answers for Life, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. Russell says the program, Raising Great Kids was held recently in San Jose, California. “The material presented, of course, meets a felt need in both Christians and non-Christians alike. So, we find that as we promote it to Christians in that way, that it’s an outreach event where they can bring non-Christians to it, hear great teaching on the subject of raising great kids, at the same time hear a good presentation of the Gospel.” Russell says 15 people indicated they came to Christ during the conference. He explains how they follow up. “Our host church divides those up among their folks and they do initial and individual follow up to those people. Where possible we try to follow up with a phone call and a visit if they’re interested.”

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