Story number 3 for 3 Sep 2001

By September 3, 2001

(China)–Despite word that China continues to crack down on some of its Christian population, one organization is taking the cream of the crop and training them to be more effective in their outreach. China Partner Ministries recently hosted a scholar’s retreat in the United States. CPM’s Erik Burklin says they were nervous and excited about the potential. “These are all Chinese nationals who are coming over here from the registered church, wanting to get further theological training. One of our passions at China Partner is to see these individuals return to China once they’ve received the training so that God can use them to reach many more Chinese for Jesus Christ.” Burklin asks Christians to pray that “…God would put a burden on their hearts to go back to China and minister to their own people, and that they would not be scared to go back, even though we know that there is difficulty in China today.”

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