Story number 3 for 30 Apr 2003

By April 30, 2003

(Uganda)–A major international meeting May 7th hopes to draw new partnerships between faith-based and humanitarian groups, and the United Nations on HIV/AIDS in Africa. Uganda’s government joins the chorus of voices demanding help from Christians. Mission Network News’ Joel Hill has more in this report. “Uganda’s AIDS rate is estimated between 15-21-percent of the population. In light of that, SIM’s Bob Carter supports the admonition of Zambia’s president. Carter believes the church needs to take responsibility for teaching moral issues and values, and to face the destruction of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. “The transmission of AIDS is primarily a behavioral problem, and so, education is a foundational bedrock of the activities that go on in the local community to try to improve the health of the people. Whether it’s HIV/AIDS, whether it’s malaria prevention, child health/ immunizations, hygiene, whether it’s a maternal and child health family planning.”

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