Story number 3 for 30 Aug 2001

By August 30, 2001

(Caribbean)–Haiti and the Dominican Republic are in the stranglehold of a devastating poverty, which is feeding a cycle of generational problems. According to Worldwide Christian Schools’ Steve Geurink, their work with two dozen schools in these countries gives people a different kind of hope. “The education is probably the only way that you can break the cycle of poverty for these people. Otherwise it will be a continual pattern of working in the cane fields with no other options for their children. So, education is extremely important to the parents to give them [their kids] another opportunity.” Geurink says they’re looking for help in building more school partnership projects in the area. He adds that this is how they share the Gospel. “The schools are Christian schools, so that the teachers then integrate the faith into the lessons themselves. We could use prayer for volunteer teams to go to the field, but also for the teachers themselves. Many of them work long hours, it’s not a high paid position.”

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