Story number 3 for 30 Jan 2003

By January 30, 2003

(International)–New crises breeds a cry for hope like there has never been. People are searching for and responding to the Gospel as never before; that creates a need for new translations of the Scripture. JAARS’ Arthur Lightbody says, as a part of the Wycliffe body of translators, this is their forte. “When we see progress taking place in Bible translation, we feel like we’re a part of it because we provide the technical services that help support Bible translation. We’re excited that 37 languages now have a completed New Testament that didn’t have it before 2002.” Lightbody points to the jump in the number of translations as evidence of God’s graciousness over the last year. “In addition to that, we were able to assist with 58 different language Jesus’ Films being completed, and also, we were able to help get the entire book of Luke on video in 75 different languages.”

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