Story number 3 for 30 Jun 2000

By June 30, 2000

The changing face of China is giving evangelical ministries opportunities to meet the needs of Christians there. Steve Johnson with the International Bible Society says while persecution is present, it’s not stopping the growth of the Church. “Some experts even estimate that there may be as many as 11 million new believers coming into the kingdom every year in Mainland China. So, IBS recognizes that everyone of those new believers, both in the recognized church and in the house church movement need access to the word of God.” According to Johnson the most critical need is for discipleship resources. Some figures suggest there is only one trained leader for every 10-thousand believers. IBS wants to change that. “Jesus didn’t say go and make converts. He said, go and make disciples because disciples are what make healthy churches and healthy churches are what make healthy evangelists.” Pray that funding will be available to translate, print and distribute materials to help.

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