Story number 3 for 30 Mar 2000

By March 30, 2000

Evangelism Explosion International is continuing their work to unreached areas. E-E wants to encourage the spread of the Gospel internationally. E-E’s Paul Jackson explains more of their vision through “Tri-M”, or Mobile Modular Ministries. “It’s an opportunity for leadership training, primarily in countries where we are not able to put resident missionaries-involving men who are pastoring churches with absolutely no or very, very little training.” Jackson asks for continued prayer because: “We have a team right now in southeast Asia, in a Communist-controlled country-one of things that we’re praying for is simply that God would allow protection for some of our folks, who frankly are putting themselves in some situations which can be challenging in order to come alongside some very precious brothers and sisters in Christ…so that we can help equip them to reach their own people for Christ.”

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