Story number 3 for 31 Aug 2001

By August 31, 2001

(East Timor)–The first election in East Timor had thousands of people headed to the polls yesterday. The election of an 88 member constituent assembly drew more than 90-percent of the population. Once in place, they’ll draw up a constitution, paving the way for presidential elections and independence. World Vision’s Jim Wackett is in East Timor. “During the six week election period there was some rare and very isolated instances, but quite rare occurrences. On the whole the election here has been incredibly peaceful. People have embraced it enthusiastically and there was a very, very high voter turnout.” Wackett says even though there’s relative peace, their work is still needed. “The poverty here in this country is immense. 90-percent of the population live in the countryside are basic subsistence – hand to mouth sort of lifestyle. And, it’s these people that we need to be assisting. Reaching the poorest of the poor.” This opens doors to share the Gospel.

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