Story number 3 for 31 Jan 2002

By January 31, 2002

(Afghanistan)–The people of Afghanistan will be on the receiving end of new technology that will give them a better understanding of the Gospel. BLI, formerly Bible Literature International , is partnering with an agency to provide 10-thousand talking tracts in the Pashto and Dari languages. BLI’s Brad Quicksall. “It’s about the size of an audiocassette tape. There are no moving parts in this. It’s done with a microchip. It’s solar powered. It has a 20 minute message on it that presents Christianity and an opportunity to tune into a radio station where they can hear more.” Quicksall says this type of tract is better than printed versions especially in Afghanistan. “It’s a great tool particularly where you have people that may not be literate. And, there’s a fairly high percentage in Afghanistan who are illiterate. So, in that kind of a setting it’s really a fantastic tool.”

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