Story number 3 for 31 May 2000

By May 31, 2000

Elsewhere, missions outreach in China continues, although workers are faced with a growing dilemma. China Partners’ Erik Burklin explains what they faced during their last trip. “We were graciously told that we were not given permission to teach. We were somewhat disappointed, but as a result of that, we just realized that China is still a very volatile country, depending on where you are. There is a little bit of uneasiness by government officials in China.” Burklin says although there’s been a temporary setback in their work, they are trying to find out how they can be most effective for the growing church. However, prayer would be appreciated. “Continue to pray, just for wisdom-I think that’s the main thing for us, right now-that people pray for wisdom for China Partner, for the staff of China Partner, that we would know how to continue. We don’t want to do anything that would be detrimental to the church in China. And so, we need a lot of wisdom right now.”

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