Story number 3 for 4 Dec 2001

By December 4, 2001

(Argentina)–Hundreds of people came to Christ in the hometown of evangelist Luis Palau over the weekend. Luis Palau Evangelistic Association’s Jim Williams says they held one of their festivals in Cordoba, Argentina and thousands people attended the two day event. “Friday night, there was upwards of 80,000 people. And, we were able to capture about 2,000 decisions that night. We figure about 120,000 people came on Saturday. We were able to capture about 2, 200 that night.” Williams says news coverage was positive for the festival, which is rare for Cordoba. “The television, radio and the press (have) always been very cynical about Christian things. And, this is the first time in the history of Cordoba an event was covered positively, and on the front page of the newspaper.” Pray that seeds of the Gospel will be planted because of the reports.

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