Story number 3 for 4 Feb 2003

By February 4, 2003

(Eastern Europe)–The footprints of war are still visible throughout Eastern Europe. Devastation wrought by fighting left a fragile infrastructure standing in Albania and Kosovo. It is there that Bethany Christian Services’ work with the families speaks volumes for their faith and testimony. Bethany Christian Services’ Kristen Roeters. “One of our big thrusts in Eastern Europe is developing social services within the communities where the kids live, because the majority of the kids are not going to be adopted, either because they’re not available for adoption, or there’s just not enough families. So, in addition to adoption services, we provide training for social services so that people indigenous to those countries can meet the needs of the kids that are not going to be adopted.” Roeters says the government works in partnership, but, “…pray for the governments of these countries to work with Christian organizations and identify the needs of the kids and accept assistance, and look at a way to really meet the needs of the families.”

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