Story number 3 for 4 Jul 2001

By July 4, 2001

(Dominican Republic)– A first-of-its-kind trip by Cornerstone University student athletes and staff helped build a strong foundation for evangelistic outreach. Members of the women’s basketball team recently completed a short-term trip to the Dominican Republic. Junior Stephanie Anderson says their court skills opened doors to share their faith with the young people. “We went and played basketball with some of the kids in LaVega where we stayed, and coach actually gave her testimony and we also went to club night for Young Life. It’s exciting-there are tons of kids.” Senior Co-Captain Julie Bozak says they saw a deep hunger for spiritual truth. “When we went to the Young Life club on Monday night, it’s for teenagers, but there were so many younger kids that just wanted to be a part of it-wanted to know what was going on there. To see just how much Christianity is so worldwide; it just opened my eyes as to how big God really is and where He’s present.”

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