Story number 3 for 4 Jul 2002

By July 4, 2002

(South Africa)–A massive effort to equip believers with the tools they need to support global evangelism is still seeing fruit. Although the initial conference was in the spring, Walk Through the Bible’s Terry Sparks says the imprint was significant. “The conference was called ‘Turn The Tide’, and we were praying that it would turn the tide in southern Africa. Total attendance was just under 100-thousand people, which we think probably makes it the largest Christian meeting ever in Africa.” Sparks says through specific courses written for South Africa and it’s troubles, believers are clamoring for more tools. “We’re having organizations contact us all the time now, saying that they’ve either heard about our course on AIDS or they’ve seen it, and they want to know how they can work with us. We try to find people who are already effective in ministry and show these people how we can make their ministry even more effective.”

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