Story number 3 for 4 Jul 2003

By July 4, 2003

(Nigeria)–Harsh conditions under Nigeria’s Sharia law have isolated some national church leaders. The greater problem then becomes discouragement. SIM missionaries Bill and Loraine Foute say a visit can go a long way in encouragement for pastors. Bill explains, “These people love visits and they go so long in between visits that if a group of young people wanted to go out and show The JESUS Film or do some vacation bible school just visit a few of these missionaries it just thrills them to have a visit and especially from a foreigner. It actually can be a kick-start to their ministry, ‘look, these people have come to visit this pastor.'” Lorraine agrees, adding, knowing they haven’t been forgotten can keep a struggling pastor on his feet. Aside from prayer, she says, “A class or a church could also raise money to buy a bicycle or a motorcycle for one of these missionaries, or take some clothes. Financially, they struggle. Some of them don’t get their salaries, and they’re living on very little.”

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