Story number 3 for 4 Jun 2003

By June 4, 2003

(Angola)–African leaders asked for and got pledges for help from G8 Summit leaders in rebuilding their war-torn continent. Among the countries needing aid, is Angola, where the fog of a 27-yearlong civil war is lifting. OC International’s Barbosa de Oliveira (olly-vetta), Jr. works with church planting in Angola and Mozambique. “Over two mines for each Angolan are planted in the country today. How [does] that affect ministry? Mostly through transportation issues–people coming from the countryside into the cities to get trained and to go back into their areas. There are enormous pockets of Christians, and people that came to Christ, but it’s almost impossible to get all the training available to them.” Oliveira urges prayer for the body of Christ in Angola to: …”encourage our brothers and sisters who are leaders in the church in Mozambique and Angola, that they can do better, they are able to do better, they are capable to do better-better than any missionary, because they know the context, they know the culture, they know their own people.”

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