Story number 3 for 4 Sep 2001

By September 4, 2001

(Philippines)–The fighting between Abu Sayyaf rebels and the government has intensified over the last couple weeks. Ordinarily, mission groups might wait until more peaceful times to launch a new project. However, FARMS International’s Joseph Richter says they’re ready to start a partnership in the Philippines with the help of a church in New Jersey. “I think the exciting about that for me is this church is over 50-percent Filipino nationals, and they have a real burden to help their brothers and sisters that are still back in the Philippines, and facing economic hardships.” Richter says, despite the excitement, people need to pray. “Instability in the world, many times, affects our Christian brothers and sisters. We’re very keen to enter those areas, and Farms has the ability because we’re not sending personnel but actual help to the Christians that are really in need because of these problems.”

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